Below is a summary of the company’s successful past performance to date:


Customer: US Postal Service

Project Overview: KACK Enterprise has been a United States Postal Service surface transportation contractor since 2006. Presently we have a fleet of over 100 trucks with 6 Millions miles driven annually providing “just in time” delivery services.

US Army

Customer: US Army

Contract:  W912PM17P1146

Scope: Provision of groundskeeping services.

Award Date:  August 2017

US Army

Customer: US Army

Contract:  W912PM16P0072

Scope: Provision of janitorial services.

Award Date:  March 2017


Customer: US Coast Guard

Contract: HSCG3816P010313

Scope: Provision of aircraft accessories and parts.

Award Date: May 2016

US Navy

Customer: US Navy

Contract:  M6700116P1364

Scope: Provision of seeds for wildlife food plots.

Award Date: September 2016

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