The Ultimate guide to a CDL Pre-trip Inspection

As a truck driver you must perform pre-trip inspections daily to ensure your assigned truck is road-worthy. At KACK, safety is our core focus therefore pre-trip inspections are at the heart of our company.

By Keith L. Rhodia

When to perform a pre-trip? It is very important to ensure your vehicle’s major components will operate as designed when you get behind the wheel. You must check everything at the start of each shift, every time you pick up a trailer and after each 10-hour break and/or layover period.

1. Make sure you have a hammer, flashlight and gloves. 2. Check that the parking brakes are set and transmission is in first gear. If your tractor has an automated transmission, then place wheel chocks under the drive tires. 3. Switch your four-ways on, activate brake lights and turn on headlights. 4. Remove the key, exit the cab and open your hood. Note: At no time during the inspection is it acceptable to be under your truck or trailer while the engine is running. You’ll begin your pre-trip inspection under the hood, at the passenger side of the cab, working counter-clockwise to the front, then to the driver’s side. The purpose of this inspection is to look for anything broken, missing, disconnected, unsecure, loose or leaking. As you go through the process, remember to clean lights and reflectors as needed!